Make Playlists with bash

Most of the work here was done by Chris Schalenborgh, but modified to my own tastes.

Two to make a playlist in each folder and one to make a playlist in each folder AND a playlist of all tunes.

Here's the .pdf (no master list)

Here's the .pdf (with master list)

But be grabs all audio files....podcasts, you might want to do some hand pruning...

Don't forget to chmod +x for an executable


Public Service Announcement: rsync - automating

So if you're still with me, you're rsyncing and have a measure of comfort that your important stuff is backed up.

But sometimes you forget...or get busy..and that's what this is about. Setting up for unattended backups so all the heavy lifting can happen while you sleep!

Here's the .pdf

I'm assuming once you've got the unattended part working, you can google cron on your own to schedule it. If not, send me a note.

Public Service Announcement: rsync

I was reminded again, last week, how important it is to actually have good, solid, backups (yes, I did, and yes, it ended well....thanks for asking...)

You need something that's smart, fast, easy to use... ...oh, and free, too!

You need rsync. Here's a handy pdf that'll get you working with rsync in minutes.

No...really...I promise. Give this 5 minutes to read, actually do the examples (another 5 minutes) and that's it. 10'll have it. Scount's honor

GM2 Midi Controller Specs

if, like me, you find that you haven't completely memorized the entire General Midi 2 specification...

..and have to, from time to time, go online to look up your controller numbers, here's a handy 1 page pdf you can tape up somewhere

Raspberry Pi household streaming audio server

honestly, I was amazed at how well this little credit card sized computer will stream audio

hook it up to a couple terrabyte usb hdd, load on all your shows...

instructions here for Raspberry Pi and Debian

if you use the pi, you can stream audio 24 x 7 x 365 for about $3.31/year in electricity (my cost is $0.11 / kilowatt hour)

Hacking a Smart-E-Bear

not really linux..., but audio and fun

a Smart-e-Bear will hold an incredible amount of music

you can load it with your own music and stories, etc.

Digging deeper...

in the youtube videos you've heard me mention, repeatedly, that we're going through this, learning this, together. Here are some places that I find myself going to, over and over, when I'm trying to learn something new.

Gordon Reid's amazing Sound on Sound series.

Planet CCRMA distribution info and link list

and, of course, the various websites of the specific software, as mentioned in the videos


Here are some soundfonts, links and info


There's no question that Hydrogen is a serious drumkit application...and more. But these are very unserious drumkits I made for my grandkids.

animals right-click here


Anything I've posted on here is free game. Pull it down, add a track, send it back up and send me a link to yours. Check out the ones we've already done with Steve and Russ