I believe these are all legal for personal use and I've given attributes, where possible, to the best of my information. Apologies if anyone was slighted.

(Full Disclosure: I stole their descriptions, too!)

first...the specs

Soundfont white paper

Soundfont specification 2.04

miscellaneous soundfonts

Pedal Steel Guitar Honestly, I have no idea where this came from

Organ 42 Again, no clue. Sorry

AltoSax J4 No idea. Same as below?

Evanessence2 A HUGE (1g!!) SF by Cose Vidal, Galicia (Spain). The link was on the SynthFont site (below). Says Cose: "This Evanessence bank is mostly a mix and compilation of samples from my own collection and some collections in public domain - to all of you out there, many, many THANKS for making this possible. Add to this many hours of my own time and work. It is a free SoundFont, thus not meant to be sold for commercial purposes. But the SoundFont is royalty-free so you can use it in your personal and commercial tracks as you like."

DarkeSword Soundfonts

Shariq Ansari

DarkeSword soundfonts and DarkeSword home

Analog age A really great small soundfont with tons of analog style patches. Use some effects on these to come up with some nice leads.

Alto Saxophone An alto version of the tenor sax (below), seemingly made by the same author. I use this one a lot too, when I need to go higher than the tenor would allow.

Drums Congas A great little congas font that I love to use to add a tropical feeling to my pieces. Try adding a delay effect to get some more complex rhythms.

Drums Industrial This is a great industrial drumkit with lots of mechanical sounds and stuff. Filter it a bit to get a nice mellow beat sound!

Drums Ken Ardency This is one of my favorite acoustic kits. All of the sounds are really great, and the kit works well in a lot of different styles.

Kik Arse Bass My most often used bass soundfont. This has a lot of different bass sounds, ranging from slap to synth. Check it out.

Ellade Drum Kit Dirty, brushy drumkit with a lot of personality. I like it a lot.

Florestan Woodwinds A few awesome woodwind sounds from the one and only Nando Florestan. There's a nice oboe in here that I love to use everywhere.

Harp One of my favorite sounds. I love harps, and this is a great harp soundfont with lots of patches for subtle changes in the sound.

Jr Electric Piano A solid, clear electric piano sound that I like to use sometimes.

tgsf21x A very good GM soundfont with lots of excellent sounds. The harp and flute in particular are quite nice.

Roland Orchestral Rhythm Some nice orchestral percussions sounds. Check out the tam tam and the gong.

Setzer SPC soundfont A fantastic soundfont I found that has sounds from Super Nintendo music. Great for a retro lo-fi sound. Tip: use the synth voice as an organ sound. It works really well.

Squidfont Orchestral An excellent font with a lot of nice string sounds, including sustained, detache, pizzacato, and tremolo. There are also some brass and wind sounds, as well as a decent orchestral percussion kit.

Tenor Sax The notorious Tenor Saxophone soundfont. I've used this one a lot, and with good reason. It's got a bunch of patches in it, ranging from hard to soft sounds, as well as some 'section' sounds. Good stuff.

Tubular Bells A nice bell font that really works well when you want some lower to midrange bell tones.

Timpani A nice booming timpani with both regular timpani hits as well as rolls.

SynthFont Soundfonts

SynthFont soundfonts and SynthFont home Another interesting site worth checking out.

Bennetng Another GS v2.1 bank

Chaos v2.0 no further description...

JC Live Bank v2.1 a pretty full set. eclectic

the Aspirin Bank no further description...

HammerSound Soundfonts

HammerSound soundfonts and HammerSound home The largest collection of soundfonts I've seen...